MS Peter

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The MS Peter is build in 2018 on behalf of Dutch Dredging.

The Peter is a very 'green' bed leveler. The vessel is a further development of the previously built Kees Jr. The Tug meets the strict IMO Tier 3 and Euro Stage 5 standard.
To comply with this, an SCR system (selective catalytic reduction system) and DPF system (diesel particulate filters) have been installed in the exhaust. It was a challenge to place these systems in the small engine room.
Furthermore, the ship is provided with a 'Green Passport' which guarantees that the owner takes care of the prevention of environmental damage during use, maintenance and demolition.
The Peter is over 22 meters long and 7 meters wide, the depth is 2.8 meters. The ship is certified by Bureau Veritas and certified for Unrestricted Navigation and can therefore be deployed worldwide.

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