MSV Solution

Hoekman Shipbuilding is outfitting the MSV Solution

Hoekman Shipbuilding completed the Solution in 2015 on behalf of DUC Diving BV. The Solution is the solution for assisting with offshore work. This dive support vessel has all the capabilities to support deep-sea diving and work in the offshore industry.
The 55 meters long and 11.5 meters wide ship has 42 beds for crew and passengers. It also has a large working deck of 250 square meters and a 4 points mooring system.

Article about the Solution.

Follow the Solution on sea.
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In addition to fishing vessels, Hoekman Shipbuilding builds ships for several other maritime sectors. We have already built various seagoing vessels, oil boats and work vessels. There are examples of this on this website. In addition to new construction, we also do a lot of repair work and maintenance on all kinds of work vessels. For example, we regularly carry out repowering, propeller shaft repair, hull thickness measurements, or other work on tugs and push boats.
We can haul these ships out of the water at our shipyard, Shipyard Hoekman. In addition to repairs, you can also have periodic maintenance done here, such as applying anti-fouling and carrying out checks.
In collaboration with Shipyard Hoekman, we have already provided many ships with new or repaired rudders, propeller shafts, engines or other parts.